August 1st: Hotel Chocolat Peanut Chocolate Spread

Nutritional information unavailable - We can't for one minute think this stuff is healthy!

If you are a peanut butter lover then you have chosen exactly the right day to be checking out the site! Over the past few weeks the @ChocMission team have been trying out some of Hotel Chocolat's latest chocolate spread products - hard life eh!? Indeed it's been out with the dodgy lemon curd and marmalades and in with some of the most epic chocolate spreads we've ever had the pleasure of laying hands on. The focus today - Hotel Chocolat Peanut Chocolate Spread.

The chocolate spread range comes in cute looking 150.0g tubs. The packaging isn't all that elaborate - a simple sticker proclaims that the spread is 'peanut butter's royal relation - a harmony of soft, rich chocolate blended with grounded peanuts' - this sounded good to us and boy it was.

We consumed this spread on biscuits, crackers and of course toast as you can see in our photography above. Straight out the tub the spread was very soft and could be easily distributed and spooned out. The ease at which it could be removed was a very dangerous thing - before we knew it we had layers that were inches thick (some taste testers more greedy that others ahem!). So how did it taste!? Imagine the nicest peanut butter in the world, add some of the finest chocolate in the world, and then finally imagine a melting butter like texture - boy was it amazing! Every bite delivered a sweet chocolatey, nutty,  salty sinful plethora of flavours! Simply outstanding.

Overall if you are a fan of peanut butter and chocolate then you simply haven't been to heaven if you haven't tasted this Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Peanut Spread. There is absolutely no chance that you wont love this spread if peanut butter is your thing. The quality and depth of both the peanuts and chocolate that this spread offers is utterly amazing. As we've said above the nutritional information isn't given but you just know when it comes to something that tastes this delicious there is no way it can be good for you. We honestly can't recommend this enough - let us know what you think @Chocmission.

9.0 out of 10