August 20th: Chocolate Dorayaki

Since our review of Costa's Giant Chocolate Bourbon Biscuit several of you have been contacting us here at ChocolateMission requesting that we do some more snack reviews of chocolatey goodies we have been tucking into from popular highstreet food chains. In the interest of not letting you guys down we have again today obliged and we chosen to to review a popular dessert you can find in the likes of YoSushi and Wagamama restaurants - Chocolate Dorayaki.

To nick some blurb from Wiki - 'Dorayaki (どら焼き, どらやき, 銅鑼焼き, ドラ焼き?) is a type of Japanese confection ... a pancake consisting of two small patties made from castella, which surround an inner filling'. As I said above we have managed to find these in the likes of YoSushi and Wagamama, though if you look on J-List you should be able to find some mainstream Japanese brands that do their own genuine Asian produce.

The one you see in the photos today is actually a Chocolate Dorayaki that we bought in our local Sushi shop named Kokoro (Website HERE). This Chocolate Dorayaki was delicious and consisted of two syrup moistened golden pancakes hiding a very plentiful inner chocolate filling. The lightness of the chocolate innards was highly complimentary of the denser pancakes and the two combined made for a perfect sweet snack to follow the mountains of sushi we had just ploughed our way through. In terms of a chocolate flavour hit, the one it provided was surprisingly well sustained and despite the mousse like texture it left a lasting impression of sweet cocoa in the mouth long after consumption - lick your lips tasty!

Overall Dorayaki might not be the most well known Japanese snacking item but it fits Western culture very well and we think a lot of people would be more willing to give it a go than say the more obscure Mochi desserts that these places usually offer as an alternative. Whether it be from your local  Asian food shop, local/chain restaurant or even J-List we strongly you give Dorayaki a try if it sounds like it will float your boat. Just make sure it is the chocolate kind of course ;-)

8.3 out of 10