August 25th: Cadbury Wispa Biscuits

Kcal 78 Fat 4.0g Fat(sats) 2.1g Carbs 9.2g (per biscuit)

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to all my UK readers! When we wrote this review the forecast wasn't too clever for the entire country so we can imagine many of you will be sipping away at one or two mugs of hot chocolate at some point today. Of course when there is a cup of hot cocoa on the go it's only correct to accompany it with some form of choccie biccie! Well pay attention today fellow biscuit fans - we've managed to get hold of Cadbury's latest Wispa Biscuits - here is our run down!

We found these on sale in a local McCall's store where they were priced on a very inviting £1.00 introductory offer. This one pound bought us a 124.0g pack that contained 8 biscuits - two each for our team of four taste testers. The packaging was very cool with the recognisable Wispa branding nicely integrated into the Cadbury Biscuits style wrapper.

Opening the packet the team were instantly met with some lovely chocolatey scents - the Cadbury experience was established from the outset. The biscuits themselves looked smaller than the other variants in the Cadbury Biscuits range though the weight of them would suggest otherwise. When it came to the taste they were only were slightly different to the original Cadbury Dairy Milk Biscuits. They were a little less creamy and more sugary flavour wise, though the Wispa element was brought to the life by the aerated texture and mouthfeel of the layer of chocolate filling that sat under the outer portion. The actual base biscuit was average with it's milld buttery taste mostly taking back seat to the chocolate.

Overall these Cadbury Wispa Biscuits were decent enough but the taste team just couldn't get away from thinking how more epic these would have been if they were Wispa Gold or even dare we say it Wispa Mint biscuits. In truth these were very little different to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Biscuits - just with slightly funkier textured centres. In the one sense this still makes they great, tasty biscuits, in the other it does make them a little dull - no new news here etc. What the heck if you see them on a deal go for it and give them a try. Let us know what you make of them @ChocMission.

7.5 out of 10