August 27th: DeBeukelaer ChocOle

Kcal 486 Fat 20.0g Fat(sats) 12.0g Carbs 69.0g (per 100.0g)

It's always exciting to see a whole new brand turn up on our supermarket shelves and that is exactly what we've got here with these NEW De Beukelaer ChocOle biscuits. To call them biscuits is a bit of a stretch, biscuits sticks would probably better describe what is on offer here. The packaging tells us that they are originally from Germany and that for ChocOlé DeBeukelaer is sourcing 100% UTZ certified cocoa and thus supporting sustainable cocoa farming .. marvellous now more importantly what do they taste like!?

We managed to find both varieties of ChocOle on sale in Tesco on a rather nifty 'BOGOF' deal. Both the milk and dark variants came in cool looking 75.0g cylinder tubes, each containing 25-30 biscuit sticks within. Aesthetically they looked like slightly thicker, twisted versions of your standard Pocky and Mikado - quite pretty it has to be said. We opened both packets at the same time and were pleased to be greeted with pleasant chcolatey scents emanating from both.

We tested these accompanied by our mid afternoon coffees so the team was more than looking forward to their well earned pick-me up afternoon choccie biscuits. Comparing them to the likes of Pocky and Mikado the team liked the fact that the sticks were more substantial and their extra thickness made them overall a more satisfying proposition. Taste and texturally there wasn't that much to distinguish them from the aforementioned. In terms of the chocolate quality both were really middle ground chocolate offerings. The milk variety were a slightly sweeter proposition to the dark but in truth the dark sticks were really still pretty tame in terms of their cocoa volume. One thing that was noted about the biscuit sticks is that some of the taste testers said they didn't taste as buttery or salty as Pocky and thus weren't as flavoursome.

Overall these De Beukelaer ChocOle are a fine alternative to the original Pocky or Mikado sticks but if you are hoping they are going to set your biscuit stick world alight I'm afraid you may be left a tad disappointed. Don't get us wrong these are nice enough biscuits to crack open amongst friends and they do have that addictive 'just one more' element to them that make them an attractive proposition to anyone who likes the odd chocolate biscuit. If you can catch these on the same BOGOF deal it's worth giving them a try - be sure to let us know what you made of them over @ChocMission.

7.3 out of 10