August 29th: Lizi's Granola Low Sugar

Kcal 501 Fat 27.1g Fat(sats) 4.2g Carbs 45.2g (per 100.0g)

Having just committed ourselves to finding the best chocolate cereal out there the @ChocMission team have suddenly taken a liking to any breakfast cereal they can lay their eyes on. One of the new product announcements that recently caught our eye was this Lizi's Granola Low Sugar which The Grocer magazine reported to be launching in Asda, Waitrose and Sainsbury's. We loved the Belgian Chocolate 'On-the-Go' Lizi's Granola so we were delighted when we got the chance to try this low sugar version.

We received a few packs of this new low sugar variant in Lizi's normal sized 500.0g pouch bags. The packaging looked tremendous and with the matted foil material cutting a look that was both prestigious and assuring of freshness. The back of pack blurb told us this Low Sugar variant had been created to fulfil the needs of those who place an emphasis on 'healthy eating' and 'those who want to minimise their sugar intake'. You can find out more about Lizi's Granola Low Sugar on their website HERE

The above photo shows you what a typical serving looks like poured into a bowl. You will see the wealth of seeds and nuts amongst the oat clusters - this was no coincidence this was the same for every single bowl we ate. It was all these different nuts and seeds that made the taste so interesting and full of different flavours. Almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, cashews, walnuts - all of these nuts could be detected at different times - all forthcoming with woody, savoury fresh nutty flavours. The seeds were a less prominent taste wise but they further added a delightful crunchy mouth feel to ensure they had a more than worthy contribution. As with most granolas just a small bowl made for a decent, satisfying breakfast - expect to get 10-12 servings from each pouch.

Overall we think it's a real win for Lizi's when we say this 'Low Sugar' variety tasted every bit as good as any other granolas we have tasted recently. The quality of the nuts, seeds and oat cluster more than make up for the lack of sugar. The depth of variety offered by each of those elements means that the total taste is still packed full of different flavours and makes each mouthful a different experience. If you are someone that needs to monitor the amount of sugar you intake then this is a real non-brainer - you need to try this cereal! Highly recommended for any granola lover.

8.0 out of 10