August 4th: Hotel Chocolat The Baton Library

The after dinner chocolates are always a conundrum aren't they!? What chocolates can you serve to your dinner guests that aren't anything too fancy but also don't look as if they have come from the local pound shop!? Lets face it we all like to impress and luckily for you guys we think we have stumbled upon one of the best options out there when it comes to after dinner chocolates. Not surprisingly they come from Hotel Chocolat!

We got sent this Hotel Chocolat The Baton Library last week and it came to us described as 'an encyclopaedia of exquisite chocolate for tasting and sharing, from our creamiest to our darkest'. This all sounded a little nerdy and to be honest the packaging was on the smart but dull side in comparison to the much more colourful summer range chocolates we had been reviewing recently.

That said the contents of the 230.0g had us far more excited - our photo below will tell you that this collection of chocolate batons not only had our all time favourite 85% dark chocolate, but also included praline and caramel milk chocolate varieties! Yum, yum indeed!

The team needed no second invitation getting stuck into the collection here. During one of the teams many coffee breaks *ahem* we set upon the six different varieties of chocolate batons, each of us tasting every single one. So what can we say about them apart from the fact they were all delicious. The 85% dark chocolate was of course highly favoured and those batons were the first to disappear. Not long after the nutty praline and cream laden caramel and 40% milk chocolate flavours followed soon after. To be honest each and every variety offered something a little different, even the more middle road 50% milk and 70% dark were packed full of fresh cocoa flavours that were as satisfying as they were moreish.

Overall we simply loved this Hotel Chocolat The Baton Library and award a very rare score of 9.2 out of 10 on our @ChocMission rating system. Any fan who has been reading the site for any duration will be aware that scores over 9.0 are very hard to come by so when we give thumbs up this positively it is really an accolade to take notice of. We recommend this selection whole heartily if you are having people round for dinner and want to impress with some high quality chocolates to match all tastes. Let us know what you think @Chocmission.

9.2 out of 10