September 12th: Fox's Rocky Big Eat Bars

Kcal 218 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 6.5g Carbs 27.0g (per Original bar)
Kcal 208 Fat 9.9g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 28.0g (per Caramel bar)

Fox's Rocky chocolate biscuits have been around forever here in the UK. They are most likely to be found inhabiting kiddies school lunch boxes as the small tasty chocolate bar treat to go alongside their apple and sarnies. Back in 2010 we reviewed the original Fox's Rocky Caramel Biscuit - See HERE. Just four years down the road it has to be said that the wrapper looks awfully dated doesn't it!? Well in addition to the new packaging design Fox's have now introduced this new 'Big Eat' variety - the tagline being 'More Yum than Crumb'.

These new larger Rockys come described as 'a large biscuit bar that will be sold in four-packs in the biscuit aisle, as well as a single bar that will be stocked in the confectionery aisle'. The relaunch targets '16 to 35-year-old men who grew up with Rocky'. Rocky is also being moved under the Fox’s master brand and marketed with Vinnie for the first time ... so long the days of Rocky Robin ...

We managed to get hold of both the Original Milk Chocolate and Caramel version last week. Suffice to say both were as expected offering mediocre but satisfying chocolate biscuit propositions. The Caramel version was slightly favoured by the team due to their additional sweet toffee flavours but by and large these really turned up no trees with the taste team. 

Overall if you've been living under a rock and have somehow never managed to try a Rocky bar either of these would be certainly worth a try if chocolate biscuits are your thing. They are distinctly average chocolate bar offerings though its at least nice to see Fox's giving people the option of a larger bar should consumers want it. 

7.4 out of 10