September 19th: Hotel Chocolat Gone Nuts!

Well folks would you like the good news or the bad news? Well the bad news is that the sunny days of Summer are mostly long gone and the nights are drawing in :( The good news is that Autumn is now with us - and that means our friends over @HotelChocolat have a whole host of Autumn line chocolates for us to be trying out.

The first product we got to try from their new line up was this Hotel Chocolat Gone Nuts! slab. This came to us a single piece 100.0g form and was presented beautifully with a very cool looking golden box and inner plastic sleeve. The slab itself also looked incredibly pretty. The front facing side was a lovely looking swirl of two tone milk chocolate whilst the underbelly showcased a mixture of sparkly salt granules and chopped nuts.

The proposition of 'a solid slab of caramel chocolate and 50% milk chocolates infused with sea salt, hazelnut paste and pieces of hazelnuts' didn't sound to far departed from many of the slabs we've previously tried from Hotel Chocolat however the team were none the less encouraged by the chocolatey nutty scents that were on full display once the plastic packet was unsealed. Breaking the slab apart the chocolate yielded with a greater than expected softness which was probably due to the presence of the hazelnut paste. The taste would also further support this case as the chocolate was packed to the brim with fresh, woody hazelnut flavours. Underlying the strong hazelnut element, tones of sweet toffee caramel, creamy cocoa and salt made for a compelling, moreish taste - delicious!

Overall we are likely stating the obvious here but this Hotel Chocolat Gone Nuts! Slab was another tasty offering from Hotel Chocolat. To be honest we weren't expecting anything else but still every time we try some sort of nut themed chocolate from Hotel Chocolat we continue to be amazed at just how well they implement it into their chocolate. The hazelnut element is strong, yet not overly dominating. The balance between the chocolate and nut flavours is almost perfect and however weird it sounds it does taste very Autumnal. Get involved and tell us what you think @ChocMission.

9.0 out of 10