September 22nd: Cadbury Roses Limited Edition Sharing Bags

Golden Barrels - Kcal 103 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 2.9g Carbs 13.5g (per 2 chocolates)
Strawberry Dreams - Kcal 103 Fat 3.7g Fat(sats) 2.2g Carbs 16.5g (per 2 chocolates)

It's not a real Christmas without a Cadbury Roses tin doing the rounds in our @ChocMission offices. We love pretty much all Cadbury chocolate but even with us seasoned Cadbury lovers we do have our favourites when it comes to the famous Roses selection. Cadbury to their credit have managed to pick the flavours we have our strongest opinions on for their new Limited Edition Cadbury Roses sharing bags.

For a limited time only here in the UK you will be able to buy these new Golden Barrels and Strawberry Dreams chocolates on their very own. We managed to find both of these on sale in our local Co-Op shop where they were priced £1.00 each.

The Strawberry Dreams come in an 93.0g bag and are described as 'milk chocolates with a strawberry flavour fondant centre'. As soon as you open the bag you will be instantly greeted by some very familiar artificial sweet fruit smells. This is just our opinion of course but none of our four person taste team are fans of these. To a man we find them overly sweet and extremely fake tasting in regards to their strawberry flavouring. We know they have their fans but we simply aren't.

5.9 out of 10

The Golden Barrels come in an 86.0g bag and are described as milk chocolates with soft caramel fillings. Now as you can tell the @ChocMission team are big fans of these. They are without doubt our favourite Cadbury Roses chocolate so it was with great delight we learnt that these were the other Limited Edition sharing bag available. The sweet, creamy milk chocolate and buttery toffee caramel make for an incredibly moreish combination. Top marks for chocolates costing just £1.00. We are already heading bag to grab a few more bags.

8.4 out of 10

Agree or disagree with our reviews of these? Let us know what you think @ChocMission