September 24th: Hotel Chocolat Squirrel's Stash

We told you guys all last week that Summer was over and the Autumn has well an truly set in. Well to stave off our post Summer blues we've been consoling ourselves with all the latest treats we've managed to get our hands on from our friends over @HotelChocolat. Taking the limelight today is their all new Hotel Chocolat Squirrel's Stash - a product so woefully described on pack as 'a collection of filled chocolates' .... how terribly understated.

The 60.0g pack comprised of 5 chocolates - 2 creamy caramel-filled Walnuts and 2 pralines filled hazelnuts. On the face of things they looked fantastic. The plastic packet, plastic black tray combo wasn't the most intuitive of wrapper combinations however the actual chocolate pieces were some of the best looking we've ever seen from Hotel Chocolat. The two tone walnut chocolates and lighter coloured marbled hazelnuts just looked so creative and deliciously tempting - we couldn't wait to get stuck in.

We first tried the larger 'walnut pieces'. These were a combination of dark and milk chocolate outer portions and softer praline innards. They got many positive remarks on the taste panel with most commenting on the lovely contrasting of sweet milk chocolate and unsweetend cocoa of the rawer 54% dark chocolates. The hazelnut pieces however drew the most praise. The creamy outer chocolate shells, softer inner praline and wholenut hazelnuts at their centre got all round acclaim from one and all. You wont be surprise to hear this pack of chocolates didn't last all that long in the hands of the taste test team.

Overall these Hotel Chocolat Squirrel's Stash chocolates got the big time thumbs up from the @ChocMission team. Although the collection may only offer the two different options both were so delicious in their own right the only disappointment with them came when the pack was finished. If we had to pick a favourite out of the two our allegiance would lie with the smaller white chocolate hazelnut pralines but that loyalty would be severely tested if presented with that question. Why don't you give them a try yourself and let us know which you preferred @ChocMission.

8.9 out of 10