September 26th: Lindt Excellence Lime Intense

Kcal 519 Fat 31.0g Fat(sats) 18.0g Carbs 50.0g (per 100.0g)

Whenever the @ChocMission team hear that a new Lindt Excellence bar has hit the supermarket shelves there is always a great deal of excitement amongst us all. We regard the Lindt Excellence range as one of the most consistent in terms of it's quality, you need only check out the review archive to see just how many of the Lindt Excellence bars have scored really well on @ChocMission rating system. This week some of our team got to try this all new Lindt Excellence Lime Intense bar.

We found this new 100.0g bar on sale in our local Tesco store where it was price on a full range 2 for £3 deal. We picked up this new flavour along with another (more to follow on that next week ;) haha!) and we were excited to see that Lindt had paired their dark chocolate with an all new fruit flavour we had not seen it paired with before. On the pack it came described as fine dark chocolate with pieces of lime zest.

Taking the chocolate out of it's very impressive looking packaging we were immediately set on by some lovely fruity citrus scents. The chocolate looked a little bumpy on it's underside however there were no other obvious visual indications of the lime element. Tasting the chocolate it was fast developing in terms of it's flavours, much more so than original Lindt dark chocolate. The initial unsweetened cocoa flavours were soon influenced by a strong, sweet acidic fruitiness. It wasn't immediately identifiable as lime though the aftertaste was certainly of a citrusy nature.

Overall the team enjoyed this Lindt dark chocolate flavour variation though we wouldn't collectively classify it as one of their better ones. The change up on the original dark chocolate whilst interesting wasn't the most complimentary and it soon wore off it terms of it's novelty factor. Whilst it was by far abad chocolate in any sense we agreed that we wouldn't ever swap it for some of the other amazing chocolates in the Lindt Excellence range. Perhaps worth a try but unlikely to be a repeat purchase for us.

7.8 out of 10