September 3rd: Costa Coffee Giant Belgian Chocolate Jaffa

Kcal 351 Fat 18.6g Fat(sats) 11.0g Carbs 40.9g (per Jaffa)

Giant Teacakes, Giant Bourbons, Giant Custard Creams .... whatever could Costa make 'Giant' next!? Why not the iconic British Jaffa Cake!? Why not indeed they obviously thought! This latest addition to the Costa cakes range has our ChocolateMission taste test panel licking their lips. McVitie's Jaffa Cakes are a common purchase at our office - a week rarely goes by without a least one pack being brought in for our famous coffee breaks.

This week though one of our team found out about these new Costa Coffee Giant Belgian Chocolate Jaffas and we just had to buy some for a review. At £1.35 each (takeout!) we were expecting good things given the somewhat 'hefty' price tag. For the purpose of giving you all a perspective on the size you will see we photographed it next to a 50p British coin. As you can see it that has to be said is that the 'Giant' description is not inaccurate - these were damn impressive looking cakes.

The usual debate of whether a Jaffa is a biscuit or cake simply cant be had with these Costa beasts. The base of the cake was vanilla hinted sponge cake and melted with a lovely softness in the mouth. Sat on top an extremely thick layer of Belgian chocolate coated the upper portion. It broke with a satisfying crunch when bitten in to and it generated a relatively decent standard creamy chocolateyness. An additional lighter, mousse textured chocolate layer surrounding the orange filling only boosted the chocolatey flavour hit impact. The most enjoyable aspect of the cake however was the orange Jaffa layer - it was bursting with zingy, fresh orangey flavours and had a texture that was a cross between gooey, sticky jam and jelly. It was sweet, yet not overly so; enjoyable to the last bite and totally satisfying.

Overall we've had mixed experiences with these Costa Coffee Giant cakes before but this was definitely one of the best. If you Google giant Jaffa Cakes you will find many examples of people make novelty creations - probably more impressive for their size rather than how good they taste. These Costa Coffee creations are both big in size and great tasting - we would recommend anyone who likes the odd Jaffa Cakes to give one a try. Let us know what you make of them @ChocMission.

8.4 out of 10