September 5th: Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

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After our exploits reviewing Hotel Chocolat's Peanut Chocolate Spread the team jumped at the chance of reviewing their Hazelnut Chocolate Spread when offered. Many of the team are big fans of Nutella - who isn't huh!? Well these guys the got the treat of a lifetime with three of the team given their own tub to try out and give their own @ChocMission ratings.

Just as the Hotel Chocolat Peanut Chocolate Spread the Hazelnut Chocolate Spread came in exactly the same 150.0g tub format. The description read  - 'the classic praline spread, made our way with more cocoa and less sugar. Soulfully, satisfyingly rich and smooth'. This proposition sounded grand but was it going to impressive the self confessed Nutella addicts!? Read on past our drool enticing picture below to find out :)

The team tried this Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate spread on loads of different foodstuffs - way to many to recall them all! Biscuits, crackers, fruit, ice cream, toast, breadsticks ... one slightly crazy taste tester even tried them with salted crisps - healthy huh!? haha! You won't be surprised to hear that whatever the situation the spread got the big thumbs up. The team said the woody hazelnut flavours complimented the base sweet chocolatey cocoa flavours amazingly - one not overshadowing the other at any point. The best description was probably that it was like having a tub full of one Hotel Chocolat's famous praline truffle fillings. Now doesn't that sound epic!

Overall sometimes things are just unavoidably inevitable and us giving this Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread a positive review is exactly that. The team's Nutella addicts unfortunately now have a new benchmark when it comes to their hazelnut chocolate spread expectations. I don't think any of them are going to be replacing their everyday Nutella with this Hotel Chocolat equivalent given the price discrepancy. Each and every one of them however stated they will be buying a tub to keep for special 'treat' days, as it deserves being something they will reward themselves with every now and again with. Nutella fans you know what you need to do - let us know what you think of it @ChocMission.

9.0 out of 10