October 13th: Hotel Chocolat Supermilk 65

We often we very excited e-mails from our friends at Hotel Chocolat about their latest creations but something really stood about the one we received from them last week introducing us to their new Supermilk chocolates. According to Hotel Chocolat ...

'Supermilk is a revolutionary new genre of chocolate with all the pleasure of milk chocolate and all the power of dark. A decadently high 65% cocoa content, a splash of milk and less sugar than a dark chocolate bar means that it takes just a small portion of #supermilk to satisfy a chocolate craving.'

They currently have 5 products available in the Supermilk range - 3 different individual slabs, a slab collection and lastly Supermilk Puddles (See HERE). Luckily today we got the chance to try the standard Supermilk 65 slab - we couldn't wait!

Hotel Chocolat kindly sent our team their own 100.0g slabs - two individual slabs wrapped in a clear cellophane packet. After all the buildup to trying this new innovative chocolate we were a little disappointed to see it given the standard plastic packaging, though we were at the same time still pleased to see Hotel Chocolat remain true to their slab format roots.

We all tried this new Supermilk on our mid-afternoon tea break with hot chocolates, teas and coffees all at hand. Breaking pieces off from the 50.0g slabs we were all impressed with the satisfying crack sound it made - a key indicator of fresh chocolate if ever there was one! Wasting no time to commence the taste testing we all placed pieces on our tongues and allowed the delicious experience to develop. The word 'wow' would be apt to describe our consensus! The taste started off with an intense bombardment of chocolatey cocoa, however as the smooth and silk melt developed an amazing underlying milky cream flavours came to the fore. It was rich, full of depth and totally, utterly delicious and satisfying. Suffice to say our 100.0g blocks lasted no time at all.

Overall we doff our caps once again to the talented chocolatiers at Hotel Chocolat. They promised a game changing chocolate experience and this new Supermilk chocolate delivers that in spades. 65% cocoa sounds like it could be too strong for some but the underlying creamyness makes it a suitable for even those with the sweetest of chocolate lovers. We get so many e-mails from companies telling us they have x-factor chocolate recipes but it's very, very rare they live up to their billing like this new Hotel Chocolat Supermilk chocolate does. Bravo Hotel Chocolat - tell us what you all think @Chocmission.

8.8 out of 10