October 15th: Belfine Chocolate Finger Pup'Pets

Ladies and Gentlemen introducing Belfine ... actually I will let them introduce themselves ...

You can already tell these guys are pretty special huh!? Well let us tell you they are! Belfine a totally unique chocolate proposition based in the 'country of chocolate' Belgium. Recently the folks at Belfine got in contact with us here @ChocMission and offered us the opportunity of trying some of their brand new products. Of course after checking out their site and some very friendly correspondence with their marketing we couldn't help but oblige :)

The first product Belfine sent us were these all new Belfine Chocolate Finger Pup'Pets.

These amazingly designed chocolate finger puppets come as small 15.0g chocolate finger puppets. As you can see each of the the designs are milk chocolate based, though they are each decorated with small bits of white chocolate. Going from left to right us introduce to you , 'Tito' the monkey, 'Pipa' the clown and 'Lionel' the lion.

All the Belfine characters are unique as they are designed in-house, given a personal name and protected by copyright :) The whole @ChocMission thought they looked fantastic - so unique, full of joy and simply fun - is that not what chocolate should be all about!?

Looks are obviously just a small part of the product proposition however - the taste test was going to be the real determinator and we are delighted to report these passed with flying colours. Belfine describe their chocolate as being made with the finest selection of Madagascan cocoa beans and the taste would suggest this is no fallacy.

The milk chocolate is very friendly to all chocolate lovers. It's sweet with a very crisp, clean milky taste and it melts with a very pure, silky smoothness. One member of our team described it as a higher quality version of Kinder - suitable for kids but also something that could be enjoyed by a mature consumer.

Overall we are delighted that Belfine have made their ChocolateMission debut and their Belfine Chocolate Finger Pup'Pets have got them off to a great start. The Chocolate Finger Pup'Pets are quite frankly adorable. The design are unique and chocolate finger lollypop idea is something totally unique to Belfine that we've never seen done before. Throw in the fact that they are made with great quality chocolate and you really have something special at hand.

8.8 out of 10

UK contact for Belfine - Crème d’Or: +44 1964 50 80 80