October 1st: Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis

Kcal 525 Fat 27.5g Fat(sats) 17.0g Carbs 62.0g (per 100.0g)

Terry's Chocolate Orange is a funny old brand isn't it!? It exists in a very odd capacity in that for the most part of the year it goes about it's business almost unheard of and then Christmas time comes and BOOM you almost can't escape seeing them in the shops. They must sell them by the hat full around November/December time and this year it's likely the brand is going to be more visible given that Mondelez have just released an all new Terry's Chocolate Orange product ripe for sharing (excuse the dodgy pun there!).

The new format comes in the form of these new Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis - a pouch based product containing 136.0g of mini sized Terry's Chocolate Orange segments. That's not quite all the details though folks - these 'real orange flavoured milk chocolates' also contain the dreaded popping candy. As a team who all round dislike popping candy we probably weren't the best placed to review these but our love of Terry's Chocolate Orange meant we couldn't possibly turn down a few sample bags.

Speaking of the packaging the team liked the on-pack design and thought it was one of the more cool and distinctive looking pouches on shelf. The mini segments looked cute in hand, though it was the lovely smelling orangey scents that more had us drooling and highly anticipating the chance of trying them. Despite Terry's Chocolate Orange normally being a little on the sweet side for us we still got a lot of pleasure out the sugary, zesty fruity chocolate that hit our tastebuds. As we expected the popping was somewhat of an annoyance texturally and we could have done without it, however it wasn't a deal breaker for us and on the whole we still enjoyed these for the main part.

Overall if you are a Terry's Chocolate Orange fan and aren't as sensitive to the whole popping candy thing like we are then we expect you will absolutely love these Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis. They provide a more portable option for enjoying Terry's Chocolate Orange 'on-the-go' and we fully expect them to be quite a hit this Christmas time. Although they have a very sugary, sweet taste they retain an unnerving moreishness to them that will keep you reaching back into the bag for just 'one more handful'. As always we are really interested to hear your thoughts on these - @ChocMission.

8.0 out of 10