October 20th: Beech's Mint Creams

Kcal 90 Fat2.8g Fat(sats) 1.8g Carbs 15.4g (per 20.0g)

It may seem like this site has been running forever now (6 years no less!!), but that's not a patch on Beech's who have been making chocolates in Britain since 1920! That makes them one of Britain's longest serving chocolate makers thus why it is always with great delight we receive their products for us to review on the site (impartially we may add!). Last month we brought you our review of one of their new mint chocolate products for the 2014 Christmas period, now we have the pleasure of bringing you our second based on their Beech's Mint Creams.

Beech's fondant creams are one of their most traditional products so it felt apt they came in a very classic looking cardboard box with some very cool looking fonts and classy looking pack illustrations. The box weighed in at 150.g and contained 14 chocolates that smelt absolutely beautiful with their pungent minty smells evident from the minute we opened it up.

The chocolates themselves were pretty simple in construct and came described as 'dark chocolate covering a rich mint fondant centre'. In terms of size they were absolutely perfect eating one at a time and in a single mouthful. The dark chocolate was the same used across most of Beech's other dark chocolate products with the 55% cocoa solids content was establishing a very flavoursome and earthy cocoa taste. The dark chocolate was very rich however the epic fondant centres brought a delightful freshness and cut through the dark chocolate with it's sweet mintyness. Much like the Beech's Mint Crisps these were most satisfying and best eaten in small quantities after a big meal and alongside a coffee.

Overall Beech's seemingly have all bases covered when it comes to the after dinner mint chocolates market this Christmas. Whether you are more partial to the Mint Crisps or Mint Creams they seem to have something for everyone. These Beech's Mint Creams are perhaps just a touch sweeter due to their fondant content but both are similar in the way they have beautifully contrasting bitter chocolate and sweet minty flavours. Again we highly recommend these for an after dinner mint situation - a definite thumbs up from the @ChocMission team.

8.0 out of 10