October 22nd: Halloween is coming ....

And as usual here on @ChocMission we won't be celebrating at all :) :) :) 

Anyone who has been reading the site for a few years will be well aware that we aren't great fans of Halloween here at ChocolateMission. 

Here in the UK generally it doesn't get the same attention as it does in places like the US etc.

That doesn't mean we won't indulge in a few Halloween chocolatey treats however! One small tradition we do have is that we always get one of these Hotel Chocolat 'Yumpkin' - he's been doing the rounds here on @ChocMission for a few years now (See HERE).

If you are thinking of putting in a Hotel Chocolat order in this weekend (See HERE) remember you can click and collect from your local store to save you the P&P costs!

If you are looking for a more lavish treat than our dear Mr Yumpkin we would suggest you look in the direction of the Hallowen Bites H-Box! This chocolate selection contains some of Hotel Chocolat's most well reknowned chocolates - just with a cool Halloween twist! 

Our favourites are the 'Oozy eye truffles which contain the odd looking (but still amazingly tasty!) red blood caramel! Other special looking ones to look out for are the large milk chocolate skull piece and the insanley amazing spider decorated praline truffle. Don't take our word for it though guys - if you are celebrating Halloween this year make sure you do it in style with Hotel Chocolat.  

Let us know how (if at all!) you will be celebrating over @ChocMission.