October 27th: Guylian Vanilla

Kcal 628 Fat 48.0g Fat(sats) 29.0g Carbs 42.0g (per 100.0g)

It's been over four years since we last reviewed a Guylian product but we recently stumbled across a few new flavours of their's in a local discounter store. Guylian have never been a brand we've been all that in love with but we do admit they have a unique style with their seahorse designs and there are very few brands that offer such good looking chocolates at their affordable prices. Today we tried out their new Guylian Vanilla truffles.

We bought these Guylian Vanilla truffles in a box of 8 that weighed 70.0g in its entirety. On the packaging the truffles came described as 'Belgium chocolates filled with white chocolate cream and vanilla'. As we said above presentation and style has always been a strong point of the Guylian brand and there was little change here. The box looked very stylish with it's front panel opening up via a side hinge to reveal a plastic tray with the truffles inside.

Looks wise the truffles looked fantastic. Both milk and white chocolate designs had enticing looking fillings and the signature seahorse moulds had their usual sleekness. Taste wise we couldn't really pick a favourite of the two as they near enough generated the same experience. The white chocolate truffles started with a greater milkyness and the milk chocolate more of a cocoa emphasis. What was similar about them both was that by the time the fillings had melted away we could only say we could detect a minor, mild additional note of vanilla essence we thought was just lacking a little zip. Because of this we thought they didn't offer a totally satisfying chocolate truffles experience.

Overall these Guylian Vanilla weren't bad truffles by any stretch of the imagination but we didn't think they were a well rounded total package. On the face of things they look great, are a fair price and hardly taste bad, however if it is a really rich chocolate truffle you are after these are not a proposition you want to be considering. It's the actual vanilla element that is a little lacking and whilst it isn't fake or artificial tasting in any manner it just doesn't cut it as a compelling filling. These won't be breaking your bank balance but probably not worth going out your way to buy.

7.2 out of 10