October 3rd: Lindt Excellence Roasted Sesame

Kcal 534 Fat 33.0g Fat(sats) 18.0g Carbs 48.0g (per 100.0g)

You know how we do things here @ChocMission - we always save the best until last! That's exactly what we did when reviewing the two new Lindt Excellence flavours that have just come out here in the UK. You may have read our Lindt Excellence Lime Intense review (See HERE) a few weeks ago and might have been a little underwhelmed by the score we gave it. Well don't worry about anything like that today folks - this Lindt Excellence Roasted Sesame bar is the real deal.

As we said in our previous review we found this on sale in our local Tesco superstore where we bought it on one of their 2 for £3.00 deals. The bar was the first of it's kind in terms of it having a sesame flavour theme. It came described as 'extra fine dark chocolate with roasted sesame seeds' which has one and all in the team intrigued at what it might actually taste like.

Taking the chocolate out of it's silver foil confines the usual Lindt dark chocolate scents had an extra element to them and it smelt a little like fresh roasted nuts. It smelt wonderful and we also liked the visual effect of the small pieces of sesame jutting out of the chocolate at all angles. The chocolate certainly looked sleek and the seeds were well dispersed throughout. We didn't hang around before tasting this one so got stuck right in. From the very first block we tried we all fell in love with this chocolate. The standard rich, dark cocoa flavours were treated to this lovely nutty sesame flavours as soon as it hit the tongue. They were never overpowering but they were just about strong enough to cut through the chocolate. One of the taste test team nailed it on the head when they said it tasted like french bread smeared with rich chocolate spread smeared all over it - totally delicious.

Overall this was a chocolate that tasted every bit as fine as it was innovative. The entire @ChocMission taste team gave it a thumbs up all round with the only minor complaint coming from one that they kept finding small sesame seeds in their teeth for a while after (quit moaning man!!). It frankly tasted amazing. They taste comparison to french bread with dark chocolate spread is spot on and if you are a fan of that snack time treat you want to seriously be hunting down this bar as soon as possible. The Lindt Excellence Roasted Sesame has to go down as one of the most suprising, yet wonderful bars of the year so far.

9.0 out of 10