October 6th: Cadbury Eclairs Velvets Coffee Flavour

Kcal 31 Fat 1.3g Carbs 4.5g (per sweet)

It's that time of year again when we get a whole host of new products being released by our pals at Cadbury. Over the past year or so one of the areas they have been regularly investing in is the Cadbury Eclair range - following both the Orange & Hazelnut Eclairs (See HERE), we earlier this year got first sight of the Cadbury Eclairs Velvets (See HERE). To be honest with you guys we weren't massive fans of those original Velvets and they haven't been repurchased by many of the team after we did the review. This week however we learnt that there was a new Coffee Flavour variety available - these we had to try.

As with the Original Velvets these Coffee Flavour came in a 151.0g bag. We found them on an introductory £1.00 deal in Tesco - all signs for the minute are they are an exclusive just for them. Hands dipped well in our pockets we proceeded to buy 3 bags to share amongst the team - this was plenty for our team of four to graze on for 3 or so days. Presentation wise we thought all was pretty good. The packaging was just about different enough to catch the eye on shelf next to the Originals whilst the sweets themselves were well sized and an accommodating fit in the mouth.

The aromas emanating from the foil bag were sweet and chocolatey though showed little signs of the coffee flavouring. The coffee was neither present in the outer chocolate or the inner chocolate flavoured filling - both of these provided the usual kiddie friendly, sweet milky taste - nice but nothing to get too excited about. Just as we thought with the original Velvets the supposed 'soft caramel' was disappointing texture wise as it was yet again extremely viscous and chewy. Despite our apprehensions with their mouth feel the flavours from the caramel were actually pretty nice. Tones of butter, sugar and toffee were kindly complimented with a pleasant undertone of coffee. The coffee wasn't strong and played more into a mocha taste than a stronger Americano or Espresso type experience.

Overall we enjoyed these more than our time with the Original Cadbury Eclairs Velvets and thought the hint of coffee to the caramel was a nice addition. We still have our reservations with the texture of the 'soft caramel' though the more we ate them the more we got over the fact they weren't a proposition far too far off normal Cadbury Eclairs. If you are looking for a recommendation we would say they are worth a try if you are fans of chocolate eclairs or coffee chocolates. It would be great to get some wider feedback on these from you guys - drop us a line @ChocMission with your thoughts.

7.0 out of 10