October 8th: Beech's Mint Crisps

Kcal 32 Fat 1.6g Fat(sats) 0.9g Carbs 3.8g (per chocolate)

Believe it or not the countdown to Christmas is really on and here @ChocMission we've got our skates on getting you guys as many reviews as possible done so that you are all fully in the know of what is hot this festive time. Luckily we aren't solely relying on our own devices - we have friends such as our pals at Beech's Fine Chocolates who are kindly sending us the best they have to offer. One of the products they sent us last week were these Beech's Mint Crisps.

You can find these Beech's Mint Crisps on sale in Beech's online shop (See HERE), there they are on sale for £3.75 for 150.0g (that's about 25 chocolates who deal with volume like that haha!). On pack they came described  as wafer thin mint flavoured dark chocolate with mint crystals and came presented in a cardboard box and plastic packet combo. The presentation was suitably stylish though it was the minty aromas that really drew our attention.

Taking the crisps out the pack they looked well sized and were easily consumable each in a single mouthful. The nobbly appearance was interesting and suggested that the mint crystals were generously portioned - we weren't let down! To our delight the 55% cocoa solids dark chocolate was suitably strong and fast established a strong, unsweetned set of cocoa flavours. The bitter edged chocolate however was offset beautifully by a sweet, fresh tasting peppermint influence. Just a few of these proved to be really refreshing and extremely satisfying after a big meal, a definite thumbs up for this occasion.

Overall if you are looking for a more classy option to that rather sad looking box of Nestle Matchmakers these Beech's Mint Crisps are bang on the money. The dark chocolate is most suitable for more mature tastes, though the minty edge ensures a kind flavour finish and makes them very refreshing. Wether you want to treat a mint chocolate lover or want a classy looking box of chocolates to finish a dinner party these are well worth you considering. ChocolateMission recommended.

8.0 out of 10