Did you know that is only 5 WEEKS until Christmas day!!

We hope we haven’t panicked you, after all there are all there are some great times and treats to be had in the upcoming weeks.

Whether it’s the long winter walks through your local park, seeing your local town Christmas lights being switched on or just generally having fun with the friends and family; the month of December brings great times for us all.

But let’s be honest, for most of us there is always something nagging thing at the back of all of our minds isn’t there – yep ….buying presents is no stress-free activity!

Here @ChocMission we are just like all of you guys. All of us in the team finding buying presents a hard thing to do – especially in our line of work where pretty much all our friends and family expect us to give them the BEST confectionery gifts ever.

Luckily for us we kinda like to think we know what we are talking about, especially when it comes to advising you on picking out your presents for the people you know with a sweet tooth.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be informing you all of some of the best chocolate related Christmas gifts that we have had the pleasure of checking out over the past few weeks.

We are going to be bringing you all our thoughts on some of the best Christmas Hampers, advent calendars, chocolate stocking gifts and of course the seasonal chocolate selection boxes that will be doing the rounds in some of the best chocolate brands in the UK and beyond.

Make sure you stay tuned to ChocolateMission for the next few weeks – we are taking requests so drop us a note with any requests you might have.

Get ready for a great Christmas 2014