November 10th: Belfine Chocolate Singing Santa's

Remember us introducing you guys to Belfine Chocolates last month!? If not make sure you check our last review of their amazing Belfine Chocolates Finger Pup'Pets (See HERE). Well after having such a great first experience with the brand we simply couldn't wait to check out the next offering their were going to be sending us their Belfine Chocolates Singing Santa's. Just as with all the other Belfine products these are characters created 'in-house', these two especially for the upcoming festive season!

The Belfine Chocolate Santa's come as 75.0g chocolate figurines and are available in two designs - Elvis and Maurice. Each of them come in nice looking plastic packets an with cute ribbon tied red labels that with places for a potential gifter to write 'To' and 'From' messages. Just like we thought about the Finger Pup'Pets the team absolutely loved the look of these figurines. Yet again they simply defined what we wanted chocolate to be - fun, unique and very very tempting.

Out their packets we almost felt guilty breaking these apart. Both poor Elvis and Maurice looked so cute it was with great reluctance that we finally broke them down into smaller, mouth sized chunks for us to start our taste test. All those reluctant feelings disappeared though from our very first taste. The chocolate was once again divine - the milky clean tasting cocoa flavours so forthcoming and both so epically creamy and sweet. The decorative white chocolate offered minor differentiation to each mouthful though we were not surprised to find that the darker chocolate wasn't stronger flavour wise. You will be unsurprised to hear the 75.0g figures fast disappeared from our work desks :)

Overall these Belfine Chocolate Singing Santa's are going to be fantastic gifting options this Christmas. The figurines are so nicely decorated and styled we think they could appeal to all ages. Kids will love them and adults will similarly find the designs humorous and at the very least offering something totally different from the other more blander options on our UK market at least. Given the quality of the presentation and the quality of the actual chocolate we can little else but totally recommend these. Let us know what you think of them @ChocMission.

9.0 out of 10