November 12th: Ritter Sport Schokowurfel Weiss

Kcal 594 Fat 41.0g Fat(sats) 23.0g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

Ritter Sport are a brand who are constantly innovating and releasing at minimum twelve seasonal varieties each year. In addition to all these seasonal flavours they also have some other lines that they add new variants to every now and then. One of these is their Schokowurfel range - that's the 'Chocolate Cube' range to us Brits. The Schokowurfel are Ritter's take on a selection box and contain single cube chocolates of a number of different flavours. The latest addition to the Schokowurfel range is the Weiss variety - a collection of three different Ritter Sport white chocolates.

The Ritter Sport Schokowurfel Weiss is a 176.0g box containing approximately 22 chocolate pieces. The selection contains 3 different flavours Latte Macchiato, Nuss-Mandel Krokant and Karamell Nuss.

Latte Macchiato is a coffee flavoured white chocolate. The filling is very smooth and melts with a lovely softness and at a nice pace. The initial white chocolate flavours work well with the creamy, mild coffee flavours. The coffee was a little mild for our liking but it was still a very tasty chocolate.

Nuss-Mandel Krokant is an almond and hazelnut cream flavoured white chocolate. The filling had small bits of nut in it so it wasn't as smooth as the coffee piece. The mouthfeel wasn't as pleasurable however the buttery nut flavours were lovely and the woodyness of the hazelnut made for a taste none to dissimilar to that of Kinder Bueno.

Karamell Nuss is caramel cream flavoured white chocolate with small hazelnut pieces. The team absolutely adored these. The toffee, buttery flavours of the caramel cream and extra nutty flavours worked very well with the white chocolate. These were the first of three to be finished.

Overall this new Ritter Sport Schokowurfel Weiss selection is one that will be loved be all white chocolate fans. The variety is limited for people that don't like nuts however if like us you love them then you will be loving all three of the flavours on offer if you also like coffee. I'm sure you will all agree the whole 'Chocolate Cube' presentation is also very endearing so adding that also into consideration we can do nothing else than whole heartily recommending this new Ritter Sport Schokowurfel Wiess selection.

8.4 out of 10