November 14th: Yorkie Peanut

Kcal 248 Fat 16.5g Fat(sats) 7.2g Carbs 19.5g (per bar)

Review number 1,900 and guess what!? Yep it's a new LIMITED EDITION taking the ChocolateMission spotlight. The brand recieing and all new variant this time around is Nestle's Yorkie bar. For awhile now this is a brand that has been operating with just three different flavours - the commonly found Original, a Fruit & Nut variant and lastly the lesser distributed Honeycomb flavour. Well making it's way to all good UK confectionery stockists soon will be this Nestle Yorkie Peanut bar.

Although Yorkie bars are definitely smaller than they used to be, the 43.0g Limited Edition bar still felt like a bigger than average sized chocolate. The wrapper was distinctly Yorkie - the same bold branded letters remained as per the other variants though the black background colour and clear peanut wording placed below were a clear differentiator. Out of it's wrapper we were hoping for a stronger nutty aroma though visibly we could see the bar was crammed full of nuts.

The on-pack description described the bar simply as 'chunky milk chocolate with peanuts (25%)'. It was simple in construct but decent enough in taste with the two core components of chocolate and peanuts offering a nice contrast in flavours. The milk chocolate was basic - typical mass consumer friendly chocolate from Nestle - sweet, with the underlying cocoa flavours very toned down with a mass of sugary milkiness. On it's own this would have been pretty boring but the sugar roasted peanuts were a great addition bringing a savoury nutty saltiness to the party. All five blocks felt like a very decent sized snack - most the team felt it was just about the right amount.

Overall the ChocolateMission team didn't have the highest expectations for this Yorkie Peanut bar but it proved itself to be a decent enough chocolate bar and one that many in the team might well end up buying again. It isn't the most dynamic of concepts or chocolates but for what it is, which is simply just a plain milk chocolate bar with peanuts in, it's a decent enough option for any chocolate nut fan to consider. We don't think it will be a bar greatly missed once it's gone but it may be worth you checking out before it does.

7.6 out of 10