November 21st: Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Baubles

Christmas is sooner than you think folks! Before you know it the tinsel will be out and we will all be doing that last minute dash down the shops for that one present we've forgotten to buy. Luckily for you folks we've got it all in hand for you! As is the case every Christmas time we are going to be giving you the most thorough reporting possible on the great and the good of Hotel Chocolat's Christmas range for 2014. The product taking the spotlight today are the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Baubles.

This pack of seven chocolates comes described as a 'selection of milk, white and dark chocolate truffles' and weighs in at a total of 75.0g. We are going to be finding ourselves saying this a lot over the coming weeks but we were massively impressed by the packaging. The silver and white coloured theme gave a premium look and feel and the bauble chocolates themselves looked similarly impressive on the eye.

With the @ChocMission team containing aficionados of all three chocolate types we left each of the different kinds to the respective 'experts'. As suspected they played back nothing but positive things with the textural mouth feel of all three a commonality in their feedback. The white chocolate was lauded for it's vanilla noted creamyness, whilst the milk and dark received equally positive comments regarding their finely balanced cocoa strength and prowess. The ganache centres could of perhaps been a little more adventurous however there were no comments from the team demanding anything more.

Overall your going to have to start getting used to this for next few weeks but we can only give these Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Baubles the big thumbs up. The whole team enjoyed the different flavour experiences on offer from the sweet white chocolate to the more acquired tasting dark chocolate. Whilst this my not be one of the more adventurous flavoured Christmas chocolate selections on offer this year if it is for a plainer tasting experience you are after we would suggest you head in the direction of these Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Baubles.

8.1 out of 10