November 24th: Kit Kat Toffee Treat

Kcal 108 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 3.4g Carbs 13.0g

As sad as it sounds one of the things that gets the @ChocMission team most excited is the prospect of trying an all new flavour of Kit Kat. Here in the UK this is a pretty uncommon occurrence, we are lucky to see one new flavour a year, quite a stark contrast to the hundreds upon hundreds (exaggeration much!?) that they get in the likes of Japan. Well folks hold the front pages - we have an all NEW flavour of Kit Kat now available in most good UK supermarkets - the Kit Kat Toffee Treat.

Indeed in our local Tesco supermarket we found these Kit Kat Toffee Treat on sale in the multipack chocolate biscuit shelves. They come in the two-finger 'lunch box' from, we aren't aware at the time of writing that they are going to be available in any different size pack. After parting away with just a single pound of our hard earned cash we went about taste testing these during one of our many office coffee breaks.

Packaged in the very cool, now retro like foil and paper sleeve wrapping the Kit Kat had an interesting appearance. The duel coloured chocolate wafer fingers came described as 'two crispy fingers covered in a blend of toffee flavour white and dark chocolate, with a milk chocolate base' and they looked and smelt fantastic with some nice chocolatey caramel scents of offer. Taste wise the team had mixed feelings. For some the chocolate coating was way too sweet, it wasn't at the level of throat scorching sweetness but it was very sugary and this put some of us off. On the flip side however some of us loved the contrast of the sweet buttery chocolate and savoury biscuit like wafer. One thing we we all agreed in on is that as fully fledged adults the two finger snack felt a little on the small side.

Overall these Kit Kat Toffee Treat really had us split down the middle -there's a pun in there somewhere. Your liking of these will depend on whether you like sweet chocolate or not. If you are a fan of the stuff then there is no reason whatsoever you wont enjoy these. If however your tastes are more suited to the darker end of the chocolate tasting sale you will likely struggle with these. The Toffee Treat aspect brings a whole burnt sugar like set of flavours to the table - as we said already some will love it and some will wish Kit Kat left it in the locker altogether. Let us know what you guys think over @ChocMission.

7.6 out of 10