November 26th: Glico Purple Murasaki-imo Pocky Midi

Kcal 111 Fat 6.4g Carbs 12.3g (per 20.2g pack)

We have reviewed many, many obscure items from our pals over @Jlist before but the product we are reviewing today has to have a good shout as one of the more bizarre. To be honest the looks of anticipation of the faces of the @ChocMission taste test team weren't quite the same as when they have previously the likes of the latest Hotel Chocolat product to try :) Today they were faced with these Glico Purple Murasaki-imo Pocky Midi - or in plain English Purple Potatoe flavoured Pocky biscuit sticks :)

These unique Pocky aren't of the standard sort and are actually part of the 'Midi' Pocky sub brand. Midi Pocky are smaller in length but stubbier, wider and with thicker flavoured coatings. Looks wise they certainly didn't fail to intrigue. As with tall Japanese products the packaging was beautiful with thick cardboard box containing three packs of the short stubby sticks.

As you can see from the photos the purple aspect of the potatoe flavour theme wasn't lost on the sticks themselves. The coating that covered them meant they had a very unique look - maybe a little off-putting for some but the biscuity vanilla hinted aromas were enough to convince the team they were edible. Although cautious the taste test commenced and the team had mixed opinions on what they discovered. The taste of the coating was creamy and sweet at first, though as the melt progressed a starchy savoury note developed amongst the buttery wheat biscuit of the base sticks. The taste split the team down the middle with some enjoying the sweet and savoury contrast whilst others saying they would have more enjoyed a consistent sweetness.

Overall the bizarreness of these Glico Purple Murasaki-imo Pocky Midi come more in the concept and proposition rather than their actual taste. The purple potatoe flavour sounds like something that just shouldn't be fit for consumption to us Westerners though further research shows it's actually eaten as a common sweet snack in the Far East. Whatever the situation these Glico Purple Murasaki-imo Pocky Midi were well liked by a good portion of the team therefore we would have no hesitation recommending them if they have tickled your intrigue - would you like to give them a go yourself? Let us know @ChocMission.

7.9 out of 10