November 28th: Hotel Chocolat Christmas Jumper

Hearing the words 'Christmas Jumper' may send a shiver down many spine each Christmas time but in 2014 Hotel Chocolat are looking to change all that. As you may have clocked by the title today Hotel Chocolat have indeed named one of their new products for their 2014 Christmas range, the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Jumper. It cheekily has the description of being 'The season's must-have slab in milk chocolate'; we all thought that was rather cute :)

So what constitutes a 'season's must-have' Christmas Jumper in the eyes of Hotel Chocolat? Well it involves a 100.0g slab of milk chocolate decorated with a very cute looking white chocolate penguin figurine. The packaging is very endearing with the outline of a jumper inhabited by the inner chocolate slab design - take a look at the pic you will see what we mean!

As cute as the packaging was we didn't need too much encouragement letting the slab loose from it's box and getting stuck in to the slab. Inside the slab was contained with a simple plastic cellophane packet. Once this was undone we were greeted with some very familiar and yummy Hotel Chocolat cocoa scents and smells. Taste wise we totally knew what to expect here. The 40% milk chocolate was it's ever consistent amazing deliciousness with creamy cocoa flavours aplenty and the dense thick melt providing a luxurious mouth feel. The white decorative proved itself to be more than decoration with it's vanilla flavours bringing further depth and variety to the flavour party.

Overall thought this may be a somewhat basic Hotel Chocolat product it is still an undoubtedly tasty one and should be considered as perfect gifting material for consumers who prefer plainer chocolate offering. If we were being uber picky we would have loved them to embrace the Christmas theme further by incorporating something like cinnamon or orange to the party to further push the Christmas aspect a little more. Is this being picky!? How would you have made this a little more Christmassy!? Let us know @ChocMission.

7.8 out of 10