November 3rd: Kit Kat Bake-able Pumpkin Pudding

Kcal 64 Fat 3.6g Carbs 7.5g (per mini Kit-Kat)

How was your Halloween weekend!? Here at @ChocMission we had a surprisingly AMAZING one! Want to know why!? Well take a look at these awesome Kit Kats we got sent by our pals @Jlist - they landed @ChocMission towers on Halloween day itself ....

As you will have gathered from the post title these are another flavour or 'Bake-able' Kit Kats that they have in Japan. Indeed those crazy cats in Japan obviously love their Kit Kats extra crispy as they advocate sticking them in the oven to give them a unique biscuity finish. The Halloween edition 'Bake-able' Kit Kats come in a Pumpkin Pudding flavour - they didn't look all that different to the Baked Pudding flavour we tried earlier in the year but they did have some very cool looking Halloween style packaging.

As per instructions we baked the Kit Kats in the oven for roughly 4-5 minutes. Upon opening the oven our kitchen was filled with the most amazing smells of freshly baked chocolate cookies - honestly they smelt an absolute dream.

As you can from our photos the Kit Kats were very crumbly and a little messy to eat. This obviously didn't put any of us off whatsoever :) the taste testing commenced once they were reasonably cool. Taste wise we are pleased to say they tasted fantastic - they tasted pretty similar to the Baked Pudding flavour but seem to have a touch less sweetness and an underlying fruity pumpkin flavour note.

Are you keen to try these yourself? If you love Kit Kats we strongly suggest you do - luckily @Jlist still have some in stock HERE but watch out they are limited edition so be quick! If you do get the chance to try them please let us know what you think of them @ChocMission.

8.6 out of 10