November 5th: Chips Ahoy! Popcorn Candy Chip

Kcal 70 Fat 3.6g Fat(sats) 1.8g Carbs 8.8g (per cookie)

If there is ever anything to put a smile on the face of one of the @ChocMission team it is them hearing about a genuinely NEW chocolate product hitting our UK supermarket shelves. To our delight we recently heard that the delightful chaps at Mondelez International were finally bringing one of their most notorious US brands to us here in the UK - of course we are talking about Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy! are an American brand of cookie that up until now we've had to rely on the likes of @AmericanSoda providing us with. Luckily now Chips Ahoy! are going to be available in most UK supermarkets - starting with both Asda and Sainsbury's and probably later rolling out to the likes of Morissons and Tesco. Anyway we found this NEW Chips Ahoy! Popcorn Candy Chip on sale on an introductory offer of £1.00 for a 168.0g pack.

These cookies came described as 'cookies with chocolate chips, sugar coated candy shells and  caramelised salted popcorn'. Essentially they were original Chips Ahoy! just with added M&M's and small pieces of crumbled popcorn. Looks wise the total proposition looked very nice on the eye. The packaging was bright and colourful, as were the cookies which looked nicely impressive with their multi-coloured candy pieces.

When it came to the taste we are also pleased to say they didn't disappoint. The added caramelised salted popcorn could have brought a lot more to the party flavour wise, however the added soft textural feel was notable next to the harder, crisper cookie base and crunchy candy shells. To be honest they didn't taste that differentiated to normal Chips Ahoy! though from the perspective of our team that wasn't really a bad thing. If you are fans of Chips Ahoy! and from the UK make sure you go get involved - at last good tasting American cookies aren't that far out of reach!

7.7 out of 10