November 7th: Guylian Crunchy Biscuit

Kcal 591 Fat 41.0g Fat(sats) 25.0g Carbs 48.0g

A little while ago we told you guys that had recently comes across some new flavours of Guylian chocolates. Indeed like London buses we see nothing from Guylian for years and years and then two come along at once! Whilst it was the Guylian Vanilla truffles we were getting to grips with a few weeks ago (See HERE) it was the Guylian Crunchy Biscuit truffles we were getting our lips round today.

As with the Guylian Vanilla we bought these Guylian Crunchy Biscuit in a 70.0g box that contained 8 individual chocolates. The packaging and presentation wasn't massively differentiated from the usual Guylian fair. That's not a bad thing of course - the flavour theme was clearly communicated on the front of the box with the on-pack description of 'Belgian milk chocolates with crunchy biscuit cream' featured alongside some wafer like imagery.

You will have noted in our other reviews that we are big fans of the Guylian seahorse designs and our minds weren't changed with these Crunchy Biscuit chocolates. The usual milk and white chocolate marble effect was complimented nicely by a filling that was visibly studded by small biscuit pieces. The outer chocolate had a familiar smooth milk based mild taste that allowed a decent amount of expression of the middle filling. As suggest by it's aesthetic appearance the cream filling delivered on it's 'crunchy' billing and had an interesting mouthfeel that featured the odd crisp bit of biscuit. Taste wise the filling added notes of butter and wheat to the party - it was nice but not particularly strong.

Overall we did enjoy this Guylian Crunchy Biscuit truffles but we couldn't recommend any of you loyal @ChocMission readers go to great lengths to try them yourselves. The reason we say this is because despite their textural triumphs they actually aren't that much different to normal Guylian truffles. We think if you were to have high expectations before trying these you may be left a little disappointed. If you are however big fans of Guylian chocolates you may just want to check them out - if you do let us know what you think @ChocMission.

7.9 out of 10