December 12th: Cadbury Mint Mini Rolls

Kcal 125 Fat 6.2g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 15.1g (per mini roll)

Shock horror there are actually people in the @ChocMission team who don't like mince pies! This shocking revelation came to the fore after one of the team went to the effort of making some fresh, homemade mince pies for one of our many @ChocMission HQ tea breaks. Once the rest of us had recovered from this shocking revelation we asked the question - 'if you don't eat mince pies what do you eat instead' - this year it appears the answer is these Cadbury Mint Mini Rolls.

You should be able to find these Limited 'Festive Edition' Cadbury Mint MiniRolls in any of your local supermarkets - likely on one of their £1.00 deals. In a single pack you get 5 individually wrapped Mini Rolls, all packaged in purple coloured fills wraps bearing a lovely cool green festive picture.

Taking the Mini Rolls out of their confines they looked no different to standard Mini Rolls with the thick milk chocolate coatings and swirl of inner creme. Aroma wise however they were noticeably differentiated with lovely scents of peppermint amongst the usual chocolate cake scents. Now if you are reading this with purchasing in mind make sure you stick these in the fridge before consuming as they are a million times better slightly chilled. In this state the chocolate melts more slowly, the cake is more viscous and the delicious vanilla minty cream has an amazing cooling sensation on the tongue. These are some dangerously moreish cakes people!

Overall if like some of our team you aren't partial to the mince pies these Cadbury Mint Mini Rolls are certainly good substitutes. As always with Cadbury you know what to expect when it comes to the milk chocolate, the test of these was going to be whether the mint filling could hold up its end of the bargain. Having consumed many a pack already we can delightfully confirm it does :) They might not be as festivally themed as our beloved mince pies but they are a nice addition to the Cadbury Mini Roll family.

8.5 out of 10