December 17th: Hotel Chocolat Butterscotch Puddles

Panic panic panic! I need a last minute stocking filler/mini gift for ....

How many of you are in this situation right now?? Well calm down! Don't panic folks! Get yourself a cuppa and take a look at the product we are gonna show you today! Over the last couple of months we've been showing you the greatest and best of the Christmas line up from Hotel Chocolat this year. One criticism we have directed at us is that we are yet to pick out the best smaler option from their range - well fear not folks - today we will put that wrong to right!

Today we want to draw your attention to these Hotel Chocolat Butterscotch Puddles. We've reviewed many of their Puddles products before (See HERE) and always given them nothing but great write ups. Well things aren't going to change today.

Priced at £5.50 on their online store - See HERE these Hotel Chocolat Butterscotch Puddles come described as 'solid milk chocolate puddles flavoured with butterscotch and caramel pieces'. Straight out their cute red ribbon tied bag you will notice the gorgeous aromas of the toffee noted caramel smells. Once you've got over how nice they smell you won't hesitate popping them greedily in your mouth and boy will you be treated to an epic taste. The full on flavours of creamy cocoa, burnt sugar and butter all com to the party in a taste that is as luxurious as it comes. Epically moreish, but so so good!

Overall if you guys are still scratching around for small present ideas make sure you get a hold of some of these Hotel Chocolat Butterscotch Puddles. As we said we've tried many different products from the guys at Hotel Chocolat this Christmas but these were the stand out smaller product for those working to a budget. If you want anymore advice be sure to drop us a line over @ChocMission - we will happily point you in the direction of anything we think will satisfy your needs!

9.0 out of 10