December 19th: Bourbon Mochi Chestnut and Chocolate

Kcal 360 Fat 10.8g Carbs 63.6g (per 92.0g pack)

With Christmas just around the corner it's about time we started giving you guys an idea of all the different types of chocolatey snacks you could potentially gift this year. You can of course go with the tried and test - Cadburys, Nestle, Mars ... *yawn* .... alternatively you could go all out and try giving something totally different. If it's the latter you are interested in you might want to pay attention today because we are reviewing these rather zany Bourbon Mochi Chesnut and Chocolate.

We got sent these by our pals @Jlist (See HERE). They came in a 92.0g pack that contained two inner packages of four mochi balls. Mochi for those that don't know are described on the JList website as ... 'a soft rice cake commonly eaten during the new years, but make delicious treats throughout the year. This version combines Japanese traditional mochi but with a twist, adding a yummy chestnut and chocolate cream filling.' - Intriguing huh!?

Well we thought so and we couldn't wait to try them. Out their rather cool looking packing the mochi balls looked equally intriguing. Although they didn't smell as much the inner white chocolate and chestnut fillings looked plentiful and gave the team more than enough encouragement to get the taste test underway.

As you can see by the score of nine out of ten the taste test went well. For us Westerners the unique texture of the jelly like mochi took some getting used to but there was little doubting the amazing creamy, nutty flavours of the fillings. They were instantly likeable. Sweet, packed full of milky cream and with a delicious buttery chestnutty long aftertaste!

Overall we absolutely loved these Bourbon Mochi Chestnut and Chocolate. They surpassed all expectations with their delicious taste. As we said above the mochi textural mouth feel may be a little odd for some but once you get used to it you are left with a snack that as equally great tasting as it is unique in proposition. If you need a chocolatey snack that is a little away from the norm we would highly advise getting involved with these.

8.0 out of 10