December 1st: M&M's Dark Chocolate

Kcal 240 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 33.0g (per pack)

The month of December is normally one you associate with Christmas but if you are going to be keeping an eye on the site for the next few weeks you are going to see a strong them of M&M's on the site! The reason for this is because our friends over @AmericanSoda have just sent us a big sampling package full of all their favourite M&M's flavours. To our great delight this has meant the team have not only been able to reacquaint themselves with some old school favourites, but also some all new variants that we had never tried before! Good times!

The first of the many M&M's flavours we got stuck in to were these M&M's Dark Chocolate. Here in the UK our M&M's options are limited to just milk chocolate variants so the team were happy to at last get the opportunity to try these. Speaking of the packaging and presentation the wrapper was a very suitable dark purple colouring, whilst the inner pieces had inner chocolate that was appropriately dark in appearance than standard M&M's. Aroma wise the team were surprised that they smelt as chocolatey as they did - normally M&M's can lack a little in that department.

M&M's are normally best consumed by the handful however we soon learnt that this wasn't such the case with these M&M's Dark Chocolate. The inner chocolate below the hard, sugary candy shells wasn't so much 'dark' chocolate, but more stronger tasting, less sweet milk chocolate. The chocolatey taste was subsequently more powerful and thus less pieces were required in each mouthful to generate the strength of flavour than normal. As a team we found these were more satisfying M&M's than we were used to.

Overall the @ChocMission team really enjoyed these M&M's Dark Chocolate. Perhaps not so much for the prestige of their 'dark ' chocolate taste but more their elevated chocolatey volume - one of the team said that a better name for them might be 'M&M's Double Chocolate'!? In our book the more chocolatey something tastes, generally it's for the better :) thus we wouldn't hesitate at all recommending these M&M's Dark Chocolate to any M&M's fans. If you are interested in these or any other American M&M's we suggest you head on over to AmericanSoda. Stock up for Christmas folks!

8.0 out of 10