December 22nd: Nestle Quality Street My Orange Bar

Kcal 98 Fat 5.9g Fat(sats) 3.6g Carbs 10.2g (per 1/2 bar)

With Christmas time just around the corner the boxes and tubs of Quality Street chocolates will no doubt be doing the rounds in many a UK household and workplace. If you are one of the cheeky people that roots around the selection pulling out all of the orange flavoured chocolates then you might want to take note today because your Quality Street favourite has now got it's very own bar! Yes folks following on from last year's New Quality Street bars we now have the Nestle Quality Street My Orange Bar hitting our UK shelves.

The new bar comes in a 35.0g form and you should be able to find it in most UK stores already. It comes in a bar formed of four blocks - each sized the same as the individual chocolates you find in the original selection. The team all thought the wrapper looked great. The bright orange foil wrapping looked nice on the eye and gave it a new, exciting look and feel. Out the wrapper the bar smelt very good indeed. The fruity scents were very forthcoming and certainly excited all of the chocolate orange fans in the team.

Separating the blocks proved to be very easily with the thin connecting chocolate yielding with great ease. Each of the blocks were perfectly sized to be consumed in a single mouthful and they melted with a nice, smooth melt and at a good pace. The initial chocolate flavours were highly reminiscent of many a Nestle chocolate product we've consumed previously - mild on the cocoa with a sweet milkyness that has a wide appeal for all. At the centre of each block the orange flavoured filling and orange crunch pieces created a well balanced fruity taste that thankfully wasn't as sweet as we thought it might be. The bar although on the smallish side was just about the right amount for appetites.

Overall we were more impressed with this Nestle Quality Street My Orange Bar than we thought we might be. We thought that four of the usual orange Quality Street chocolate might prove to be a little sickly, however having now tasted the bar we were surprised to find it almost tasted a little toned down in terms of it's sweetness. We can quite confidently say that fans of the chocolate from the original selection will love this new bar. We welcome your thoughts on it @ChocMission - let us know what you think.

7.2 out of 10