December 3rd: One Direction Milk Chocolate

Kcal 520 Fat 27.6g Fat(sats) 17.2g Carbs 61.2g (per 100.0g)

Every year here @ChocMission we do a set of annual awards - crediting the best and worst of all the chocolatey goodness we get the opportunity to review here on the site  (See HERE). Well this weekend I (Jim) think I reviewed a product that has a great shout of being the worst product any of us here in team have come across in the last 12 months - ladies and gentlemen I give you my thoughts on the One Direction Milk Chocolate bar.

This review came about after I spent an entire evening ranting to the rest of the team about how much I disliked the X-Factor. Now I've nothing against any of you that do love it, but speaking personally it's really not my thing! After this rant the rest of the team thought it would be HILARIOUS that I review this One Direction Milk Chocolate bar. I've no idea where they found it but they did inform me that they hardly went to much expense - after tasting it I certainly believe them!

What can I say - this was a 100.0g tablet of poor quality milk chocolate packaged in a wrapper with all five cheeky chappys staring back at me smiling. I'm pretty certain none of the 'lads' would be smiling if they were forced to eat this chocolate. It was sickeningly sugary with a coarse, lumpy melting texture and tasted as bland as it looked. Despite being double wrapped in a paper sleeve and foil layers the chocolat tasted anything but fresh; a few blocks was enough for me to make this harsh assessment, the rest was lucky to grace my bin.

Overall this One Direction Milk Chocolate wasn't just poor, it was really really bad! I'm probably going to incur the wrath of One Direction's millions and millions of fans if this review ever makes surfaces in front of them but I think if they all sat down and tasted it for themselves they would come to similar conclusions. Hats off to One Direction for putting their faces on anything they can sell to make money but don't expect me to like it boys :) The fact that the bar is produced by a company called Global Merchandising Service Ltd says it all. This bar is a cash in - a really, really poor one at that!

2.8 out of 10