December 5th: Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Spread

What do you have for breakfast at Christmas? If your's is anything like the one we have in the @ChocMission household then it will involve champagne, fresh orange juice and croissants. This year our croissants are going to be uber special though because we've found one amazingly Christmas themed chocolate spread to smother them in! Ladies and gentlemen check out the focus of todays review - the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Spread.

This special chocolate spread created especially for Christmas 2014 comes billed as 'a limited edition twist on our fabulous chocolate spread, made with 50% milk chocolate and gingerbread spices'. To be exact the on-pack label describes it as 'milk chocolate hazelnut praline spread with gingerbread spices' - even before we opened up the tub and took in the amazingly sensual praline scents we were drooling at that description.

To make sure this spread was fitting for our Christmas breakfast we've of course had to be trying this out over the last few weeks :) We have added it to toast, bagels, muffins, porridge, ice cream, yoghurt, croissants, brioche .... geeze you name it we've given it a go! Across the team, no matter the thing it's been spread across this Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Spread has had unanimously great feedback. Most of the good words have come in regards to it's warming, spicy mouthfeel and deep chocolatey, woody nut praline taste. It's rich but every mouthful you take leaves you wanting more - delicious!

Overall this is one naughty chocolate spread but it is one you need to treat yourself to this Christmas time if chocolate spread is something you delight in. The 'Christmassy' taste is created expertly by the touch of gingerbread and it brings both an extra flavour edge and delightful warming textural interplay. That added to the already amazingly tasty original chocolate praline makes for a luxurious experience that is equally delicious as it is sinful :) Let us know if you will be swapping your Nutella for this epic Christmas spread this year - @ChocMission.

8.4 out of 10