Roll-up Roll-up it's that time again! It's time to dish out the annual awards to the good and great (and awful!!) products that have passed the lips of the @ChocMission team this year. Don't forget to send us your own pick of the year to @ChocMission

October 3rd: Lindt Excellence Roasted Sesame - See HERE 

We shouldn't have been surprised by the quality of another Lindt Excellence bar but this was a flavour we had never tried before. The unique blend of roasted sesame seeds with their glorious dark chocolate was a real winner for us. Highly recommended!

Belfine Fine Chocolate Finger Pup'Pets - See HERE

We have given this award to these guys not because they were the stand out NEW brand we featured on the site this year. Their Finger-Pup'pets were a close runner for many of the other categories but we agreed the Belfine we easily the best non-traditional miscellaneous chocolate product we reviewed this year. Check them out if you haven't already!

December 3rd: One Direction Milk Chocolate - See HERE

We had no expectations of this chocolate and it still managed to disappoint us ... one of the lowest ever scoring products on the site. That says it all!

This one might split a few of you! Yes we've given our 'Best Selection Box 2014' award to the Ritter Sport Schokowurfel Weiss. Yes it was just a white chocolate selection, yes it only had three flavours ... but what can't be denied is just how much the team loved it! Ritter did probably luck out in having three of our favourite flavours but there's not luck in having one of the best white chocolates out there. A worthy winner in our opinion.


This is the first time we've done but we are combining two of our awards! We couldn't give them one without the other - the Hotel Chocolat Supermilk 65 was without question the best new and overall product for us here @ChocMission this year. It didn't score the highest ever @ChocMission score but we've been back to Hotel Chocolate so many times already to buy this amazing new Supermilk chocolate. If it is one that you've not managed to try yet do yourself a favour and buy yourself a slab. It genuinely has one of the smoothest milk chocolate tastes you will ever experience. Well done Hotel Chocolat bravo! Bring on 2015!

Buy Hotel Chocolat Supermilk 65 - HERE