January 12th: Mars Xtra Choc

Kcal 228 Fat 8.8g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 34.5g (per bar)

Welcome all to a new year here on @ChocMission. 2015 is going to kick off the only way we know how and that is by bringing you guys the latest new product to hit the UK confectionery market - we really do like to think we provide you with the 'breaking news' for your chocolate reviews :) You will be delighted to learn that the guys at Mars have been to first to the limited edition market here this year and have introduced this all new Mars Xtra Choc bar.

Of course we say 'all new' with our tongues firmly in our cheeks. Fellow chocolate addicts will be well aware that Mars have released an extremely similar bar previously in the form of the Mars Triple Choc (See HERE). That bar was one we first saw back in 2011, it got a good score of 8.7 out of 10 so we ultimately pleased to hear of it's reintroduction in the form of this Mars Xtra Choc bar.

Weighing in at 51.0g it was a gram smaller than it's previous carnation but this was not at all noticeable by it's look, feel or smell. It smelt terrific our the wrapper the darker coloured chocolate nougat looked amazing topped by the chocolatey caramel and thick outer chocolate. Biting into the bar the usual contrast of crisp chocolate, soft nougat and chewy caramel retained it's standard enjoyable contrast in mouth feels. The variety of textures on offer was only surpassed by the most wonderful of tastes, chocolatey to the extreme but laden with notes of malt and buttery toffee - as good as mass produced chocolates bars get to our tastes.

Overall a big thumbs up to Mars to starting the year off with a fantastic new limited edition chocolate. Cynics may point to the fact it is lacking in innovation but to be frank that matters little when the taste is so damn wonderful. As we said above the quality on offer here is superb given that the price point of this chocolate bar will likely never exceed the £0.55 mark. If you are a Mars bar fan you need to ensure you get involved right away. Let us know your thoughts @ChocMission.

9.0 out of 10