January 16th: Nesquik Snack Cereal + Milk

Kcal 118 Fat 6.3g Fat(sats) 3.9g Carbs 13.6g (Per bar)

It's not often we ever come across a bar that we've neither seen or heard of but that exact circumstance happened today when one of the team came into the office with these Nesquik Snack Cereal + Milk bars. Looking at the wrapper we've determined they are originally from Germany but for some reason were being sold on a random one-off sale in one of our local supermarkets.

£2.00 of heard earned @Chocmission cash bought a pack containing 9x23.0g bars. On the wrapper they were described as 'wafer with filling with milk power, coated with chocolate glaze, milk chocolate and crunchy cereal'. That was quite the odd billing and our hopes for these failed to rise any higher when we opened them. The wrapper we have to say looked ok, but the bars inside looked very unappealing with evident blooming on the surface.

Some of the team were a little hesitant at eating these due to their appearance however beaing as professional as ever we stuck to our task. Lets start with the good - it wont take long :) Texturally they were ok. The wafer was crispy and cereal pieces added extra crunch. I'm afraid thats all the kind words we have for these. The chocolate was slow paced in melt, waxy and devoid of any real flavour. That combined with the flavourless wafer and crumbly, pointless milk filling elements made for a very uninspiring taste. One was enough for all of us here - we weren't even contemplating going back for more.

Overall more often than not we get to try some very tasty chocolate bars reviewing for this site but I'm afraid this Nesquik Snack Cereal + Milk wasn't one of them. The proposition at hand isn't necessarily a bad one, it's been pulled out successfully by many other brands such as Kit Kat and Cadbury before with ultimate ease. I'm afraid this bar has to go into the category of 'dodgy import'. It's certainly not one we want to see become a mainstay of our UK supermarket shelves and it wont be one we will miss once it's gone.

3.8 out of 10