January 26th: Belfine Swirl Pops

Belfine are back on @ChocMission and after winning one of our 2014 Awards (See HERE) they are back with a bang ... or should we say ... a pop!? Yes folks we are delighted to bring you the latest of our Belfine Fine Chocolates reviews, for those who have only just started reading the site lately you might want to check the @ChocMission archives to be brought up to speed as to who these guys are! Belfine are one of the most exciting chocolate producers we have the pleasure of knowing at the moment so it is with great delight we today bring you our review of their Belfine Swirl Pops.

You will soon be able to buy these Belfine Swirl Pops on the Belfine website (See HERE) and you will find them available in the two flavours we tried out for the review today:

Belfine Swirl Pop 'Chocolate Rock 'n roll' is a milk chocolate lolly decorated with mini chocolate buttons and sugar sprinkles. On the eye it was the more colourful of the two lollies and was the one that immediately drew the eye and as expected taste wise it was a real pleasure. Our expectations of a high quality milk chocolate base weren't let down. A plethora of cocoa heavy creamy flavours were offered, chocolatey to the extreme and ever so moreish. The chocolate buttons and sugar sprinkles added bursts of additional sugary chocolates flavours but were most notable for their differentiated crunchy texture.

Belfine Swirl Pop 'Strawberry Fields' was a white chocolate lolly covered with strawberry crisps and white and pink sugar sprinkles. Out of it's cellophane packet this one smelt like a dream with scents of strawberries and cream immediately on offer. This was the first time we had tried Belfine's white chocolate recipe as a solus product and we absolutely loved it. It was a high quality white chocolate offering the most creamiest of sweet tastes. The strawberry flavours involved here were just perfect for us, real tasting but subtle and not overbearing of the chocolate. As the aromas suggested this was like strawberries and cream on a lolly!

Overall Belfine have hit another out the park with these tremendous Belfine Swirl Pops. They may seem simplistic in construct but what they offer is a fantastic quality chocolate in a manner that lends itself well to both adult and children markets. If we had one tiny criticism it was that it was a shame Belfine didn't go their usual character themed route. Their products are usually totally adorable in their presentation, these lollies didn't look bad by any stretch of the imagination but when we laid them side-by-side the Easter products they also sent us there was only one winner aesthetically. That aside these tasted amazing. Without going all upmarket to the fancier chocolate brands you wont get better quality chocolate - these Belfine Swirl Pops are tremendous. We highly recommend you get involved.

9.0 out of 10