January 30th: The Cadbury Creme Egg in 2015

After many many e-mails and requests via Twitter we've decided to give you all our stances on the 2015 Cadbury Creme Egg debacle!!

If you've not been made aware of the BIG NEWS hitting the confectionery market recently there is a big fuss being created about the changing of the recipe to the Cadbury Creme Egg. According to the BBC the change has 'provoked outrage amongst some chocolate lovers'!

So what have they done??? ....

Well Mondelez Int have changed the chocolate on the outside shell, changing it from their more expensive Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, to their cheaper to produce standard Cadbury milk chocolate recipe.

Well we conducted a taste test in the labs at @ChocMission HQ *ahem * the team room *ahem* and we have to admit we noticed the difference. The taste was undoubtedly sweeter and less creamy than it has been in previous years. The melt pace was a little quicker and the chocolate was definitely less viscous in it's melted state.

So what is our stance!? Well it's kinda hard to say! There is a noticeable difference in the recipe but is it really a disaster!?? No far from it! The original Cadbury Creme Egg was as sweet as it gets anyway so the minor enhancement in the sweetness is really not something to get all that worked up about. The chocolate still tastes very 'Cadbury', it's just not as special as the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. The change, whilst not favourable, isn't by any means something to get that upset about. If anything we think the more annoying change this year is the fact they have removed the handy 3-pack boxes and 6-pack boxes and instead released a new 5-pack one.

What do you guys think? Send us your thoughts over @ChocMission and have a great weekend!