January 7th: MysteryChocolateBox.com - The Chocolates

On Monday we let you all know of the Christmas package we had received from our pals at MyChocolateBox.com.

Well today it's time we let you see what bars we got his month. Each of the three came packaged in unbranded wrappers and each with their own little clues (and nutritional breakdown!). We've included our guesses at the end of the descriptions. Tell us yours @ChocMission ...

Bar A: 'A Candy you might enjoy this time of year, plus a twist ....'
Kcal 220 Fat 15.0g Fat(sats) 9.0g Carbs 19.0g (per 1/2 bar)

The promise of 'candy' had us thinking this was going to be a lot sweeter than it really was. In reality it was a relatively strong dark chocolate with a minty finish. The cocoa flavours developed a mature red wine hinted cocoa base with the sweeter mint coming in the aftertaste. The branding on the bar gave away the brand away, our guess was Madecasse Candy Cane

Bar B: 'The spices in this bar might be reminiscent of another sweet holiday treat'
Kcal 220 Fat 16.0g Fat(sats) 9.0g Carbs 21.0g (per 1/2 bar - 42.0g)

What a magnificent bar of chocolate this was! Absolutely delicious - packed full of milky, creamy cocoa and a very obvious ginger spice. The taste was smooth, sublime and very very moreish. The branding on the bar again gave away the make, the taste was as obvious as they come. Theo Chocolates Gingerbread bar.

Bar C: 'This bar might taste something like a hot drink you would enjoy in front of the fire'
Kcal 190 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 19.0g (per 1/2 bar - 35.0g)

Crikey this is where the guessing got incredibly difficult. The lack of branding on the bar meant this was very hard to guess - so we just tried to pin down the flavour instead. Unlike the other two this wasn't a solid bar, it had a softer truffle like filling with a tiny bits of what seemed like biscuit. The taste had a hint of liqueur to it but it was still very smooth in it's chocolatey flavour development. Our guess at a flavour was Brandy Hot Chocolate?

Want to find out how we did? Check back Friday!!