January 9th: MysteryChocolateBox.com - The Answers

Did you see the rundown of the three bars on Wednesday? If not see here ... our guesses were:

Bar A - Madecasse Candy Cane
Bar B - Theo Chocolates Gingerbread
Bar C - ??? Brandy Hot Chocolate

Well here are the answers:

Bar A - Dark Chocolate with Peppermint by Madecasse

Bar B - Gingerbread Spice Milk Chocolate by Theo Chocolate

Bar C - Hot Buttered Rum Milk Chocolate Bar by Seattle Chocolates

We didn't do too badly huh!? We got Bar B spot on! Bar A we got the mintyness but were a bit too clever saying Candy Cane instead of Peppermint. Bar C we got the liqueur content nailed but us not knowing our booze we got our brandy and rum mixed up!

We have been wrong on some of the bars but something we can't deny is how tasty all three chocolates were and what amazing fun this all was! We can't wait for next months box to arrive! Remember you can play along with us - just head to MysteryChocolateBox.com