February 13th: Hotel Chocolat The Love Birds

We wouldn't suspect that any of our readers are silly enough to forget that it's VALENTINES DAY TOMORROW!!!! Bust just in case we thought we better give you guys a heads up on one last uber cool potential gift if you are yet to make that special purchase for your loved one! Surprise surprise it of course comes from our long time pals over @HotelChocolat, indeed ladies and gentlemen we are delighted today to give you are rundown on one of their latest mega slabs - the Hotel Chocolat The Love Birds.

This 650.0g beasts should be enough to satisfy the biggest chocolate lover this Valentines. It is a beautifully presented heart shaped slab - you only need look at the thickness to understand truley how much amazing Hotel Chocolat is on offer here, it's so thick it's almost a game in itself trying to break it apart. Well as you can see from the pictures this is one beautiful looking chocolate slab. The slab come presented in a marvellous, sleek looking transparent sleeve and the decorative pattern work on the chocolate really make it a sight to behold.

As we said breaking this slab apart was no easy task. The slab is made up of two different chocolate types - we are guessing to cater for bother partners tastes!? One side, the lighter one, is a beautiful milk chocolate salted caramel and it had just the most magical taste. It was sweet, salty, epically creamy and of course carried the usual Hotel Chocolat milk chocolate swagger - truly outstanding. The other half however wasn't to be outdone. The darker coloured 50% milk chocolate provided a more cocoa intense experience, and also had a nutty praline edge to it that enhanced the taste tremendously. The 650.0g was substantial but that didn't stop the team munching through this in less than a day.

Overall as we said at the top if you are still struggling for a Valentines Day gift then you need look no further than this Hotel Chocolat The Love Birds slab. It will both amaze and delight with it's wonderful look and delicious chocolate experience on offer. It's one of those chocolates your originally feel guilty about breaking apart it's aesthetic marvellousness but once the chocolate hits your tastebuds and ounce of guilty evaporates with the pleasure of the taste. Folks head to Hotel Chocolat if you are in a Valentines Day gift quandary! They wont let you down!

9.2 out of 10