February 16th: Cadbury Mini Rolls Choc Orange

Kcal 125 Fat 6.2g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 15.0g (per mini roll)

If you were to check the @ChocMission shopping baskets every week you would probably find that one of our most commonly bought items would be the famous Cadbury Mini Rolls. They frequent our office team room and have been a long time favourite of the team. We generally just head in the direction of the trusted original flavour (the ones with the white coloured vanilla creme!), though at times we live on the dangerous side and go for the chocolate creme variant :) daring huh!? Well to all of our surprise this week one of the team bought in these new Cadbury Mini Rolls Choc Orange flavour.

These were bought at our local Tesco store, and were found in the cakes aisle hosted alongside all of the other limited edition cakes for this time. Just £1.00 of our hard earned @ChocMission wages bought us a multipack of 5 x 27.0g cakes. On the pack they were described as 'chocolate flavoured sponge with an orange flavour creme, covered in milk chocolate' - no folks not Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate :) just Cadbury milk chocolate .... lets not start all that up again (See HERE).

The mini rolls took their usual form - they looked attractive on the eye and smelt delightful with chocolate orange scents and smells aplenty filling the air once they were unsealed from their plastic packet confines. The taste test went as well as we could have hoped. The outer chocolate yielded with a nice crunch, with the moist cake and creme below providing the usual sensual mouth feel. The flavour development was also a delight. The chocolatey outer portion and inner cake created the usual sweet Cadbury chocolate experience, and the creme added the desired orangey tangy fruit flavours. To our taste it was just about the right strength in it's intensity.

Overall these Cadbury Mini Rolls Choc Orange matched our expectations and delivered the Cadbury chocolate orange experience we all desired. To our knowledge we can't remember these being around before - I'm sure one of our dedicated readership will point us in the direction of them being out perviously, but anyways we really liked them and will likely intermittently buy them alongside our usual standard Cadbury Mini Rolls. If chocolate orange is your thing these certainly wont disappoint. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

8.3 out of 10