February 20th: Belvita Breakfast Choco-Hazelnuts Tops

Kcal 76 Fat 2.7g Fat(sats) 0.6g Carbs 11.5g (per biscuit) 

Here @ChocMission if you give anyone in our team the chance to have more time in bed clocking up the zzzzzz's or more time to have breakfast it's always the latter which we choose. Most the time this means we are massively pushed when it comes to having breakfast, arguably the most important meal of the day if you listen to some people. Well Belvita are on of those brands trying to offer us an easy out. They have several of breakfast biscuit options that we occasionally try from time to time to make sure that we are all well fed and ready to take on the day. This week we've been trying out these Belvita Breakfast Choco-Hazelnuts Tops.

These are new to the UK but you should be able to find them in the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury's and all other big UK supermarkets. We found them on an introductory half price offer - around the £1.30 price point if we recall correctly. This bought us 5 packs containing 3 biscuits, together weighing 250.0g. On the pack they came described as 'biscuits with wholegrain cereals and coated with a chocolate flavour and hazelnut topping' - they also promised 4 hour energy release carbohydrates woooo!

As we said most of the tea were trying these out this week and they ultimately got very mixed reviews. The biscuits, whilst substantial in terms of the sustenance they provided were described by many of our team as poor in taste. The chocolate hazelnut tops really failed to create a real expression on the biscuit base below in the taste, and it didn't help that the biscuit base wasn't all that flavoursome. Other complained that the texture and mouthfeel of the biscuits was also very dry, one of our team even went to the extent to say it was like having a vaccum on all their moisture in their mouth - ouch!!

Overall we think it's fair to say that these Belvita Breakfast Choco-Hazelnuts Tops mostly disappointed. It's been a while since the team pretty much all around agreed that a product was totally useless and that none of them would buy them again. Normally even when we disagree on a product there are at least a few in the team that get some pleasure from the product in question but I'm afraid to say that just wasn't the case here. Breakfast dodgers may want to try them out to see what they think of them themselves but we won't be recommending they any time soon.

5.1 out of 10